Sharps Chapel III Tract 4 Edwards Hollow Road Sharps Chapel, Union County TN 37866

Sold $32,500
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Sharps Chapel III Tract 4 Edwards Hollow Road Sharps Chapel, Union County TN 37866

Sold $32,500

5 Acres For Sale In Sharps Chapel Tennessee | SCIII-TR4-CP

Sold - Sharps Chapel TN

5 acres in Union County, TN. This tract has power on the property and a shared access road that gets you up onto the property. Additional dozer work would be needed to cut in a driveway and to level a homesite above the access road. Here is a video showing the drive to and onto the property.

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These payments are based on a 30 year loan but we can go shorter to suit the buyer. There are no pre-payment penalties and any extra paid per month goes to principal. Contact us to calculate other terms.

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