Poplar Cove Creek Tract 4 Livingston Highway Jamestown, Fentress County TN

Sold $56,900
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Poplar Cove Creek Tract 4 Livingston Highway Jamestown, Fentress County TN

Sold $56,900

Creek Front Land With Waterfalls | PCC-TR4-CP

Sold - Jamestown TN

This is an amazing, 9.12 acre, creek front property with waterfalls and views. The lengthy driveway leads you back to an unfinished shed nestled into a private, rocky hollow overlooking a beautiful waterfall and creek. Water can be heard running all over the property from the paved frontage, down the driveway and past the unfinished shed. The creek is clear and wide along the abundance of frontage. There are walking paths cut down to the waterfall area giving you easy access through the rocky terrain. This is an amazing property to explore and would make for a great family getaway.

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Andy Halavonich
Country Places, Inc. - Land Specialist/Explorer/Photographer
Andy loves being outdoors and exploring new properties. If you see a picture on our sites, there's a 99% chance he took it. No one explores our properties more than him. He is a great source of knowledge when it comes to locating the property with unique features you want on your dream land. In his spare time, Andy is designing and building a custom, self-sufficient RV to enjoy the great outdoors with. Andy's father purchased the land he grew up on in Charleston through a program very similar to Country Places financing program. That land was the best investment his family ever made and it makes Andy a big believer in the Country Places program. "I've learned that nothing is more fun than a job you enjoy."
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