Paw Paw 2 Tract 1 Paw Paw Road Thorn Hill, Hancock County TN 37881

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Paw Paw 2 Tract 1 Paw Paw Road Thorn Hill, Hancock County TN 37881


East Tennessee Acreage With Views | PAW2-TR1-CP

- Thorn Hill TN

The beginning of this 11.29 acre tract is pretty unique and resembles some sort of ancient lava flow. The terrain makes me want to bring my Boys back with their RC rock crawlers to drive all over it. As you go back on the property, the ground is moderately sloped with rock outcroppings throughout. The slope would be manageable as long as you work with the terrain. When you get around halfway back, the slope starts getting much more steep. Beyond that area, the property almost has a bluff but can still be hiked. From the steep slopes there are great vantage points for hunting, nature watching, tree house views or launch points for zip lines. At the very back is a pretty large (probably an acre or so) gently sloped area that is the end of a knoll. This would make an absolutely amazing campsite or if you’re extremely industrious, a homesite with 180 degree views for miles. While I was there, wind was blowing nonstop over the ridge potentially making this property a good candidate for wind power.


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Location And Approximate Property Outline:

Video Showing The Drive To The Property:

Pulling Onto The Property From The East:

(The old driveway is a bit overgrown…)


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