Morning Glory 69 Acres Morning Glory Road Oneida, Scott County TN 37841

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Morning Glory 69 Acres Morning Glory Road Oneida, Scott County TN 37841


East TN Acreage | MG-69AC-CP

- Oneida TN

69 Acres, Scott County, TN – If you’d like a large, private, self sustaining tract then this might be one of the best properties out there. At 69 acres, this property is massive and its unique topology adds to its privacy and makes it feel even larger. With a large pond, an abundance of springs and seasonal streams throughout, this property has water features galore. The property has an entrance to an old mine shaft. The access hole was acting like a geothermal vent with 52 degree air pumping out of it when we found it. This feature could possibly be leveraged for home heating/cooling. There is also a small cabin shell on the property that could be fixed up to be a nice hunter’s cabin. The topology varies from flat, level areas to mountainous cliffs with awesome views. Much of the property is interconnected with existing trails and would be easy to set up for horses or ATV’s. This is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream tract and would also be well suited for a hunting club or family playground.

Financing Options:

The closing costs are $600 and a $1000 minimum down payment is required for this tract.

Percent Down Down Payment APR Monthly Payment
$1000 Down $1000 8.5% $1,261.02
5% Down $8,250 7.5% $1,096.02
10% Down $16,500 6.5% $938.62
15% Down $24,750 5.5% $796.32
20% Down $33,000 4.5% $668.82

These payments are based on a 30 year loan but we can go shorter to suit the buyer. There are no pre-payment penalties and any extra paid per month goes to principal. Contact us to calculate other terms.

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