Goose Creek Estates Tract 50 Sunbright, Morgan County TN 37872

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Goose Creek Estates Tract 50 Sunbright, Morgan County TN 37872


Owner Financed Land With A Bluff

Sold - Sunbright TN

This is a unique property with a lot to offer. A driveway has recently been cut onto the front of the property from the gravel, private road frontage. A large loop has been cleared around a large portion of the property as well. Allowing you to explore much of the land without fighting with briars. Near the back of the property is a fairly large bluff with great views from the top. The varied terrain on this tract provides for fun exploring as well as plenty of manageable areas for gardens and fields.

Financing Options:

The following is based on a 30 year term. We can do any term below 30 years that you wish. Contact us to calculate other terms.

 Percent Down Down Payment APR Monthly Payment
0 Down $0 8.5% $383.69
5% Down $2,495 7.5% $331.46
10% Down $4,990 6.5% $283.86
15% Down $7,485 5.5% $240.83
25% Down $12,475 4.5% $189.63

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Andy Halavonich
Country Places, Inc. - Land Specialist
Andy loves being outdoors and exploring new properties. He is also designing and building a custom, self-sufficient RV to enjoy the great outdoors with. Andy's father purchased the land he grew up on in Charleston through a program very similar to Country Places financing program. That land was the best investment his family ever made and it makes Andy a big believer in the Country Places program. "I've learned that nothing is more fun than a job you enjoy."
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