Tinch Ford Tract 2 Tinch Ford Rd Allardt, Fentress County TN 38556

Sold $65,700
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Tinch Ford Tract 2 Tinch Ford Rd Allardt, Fentress County TN 38556

Sold $65,700

Land With A Large Cave For Sale | TFD-TR2

Sold - Allardt TN

8.37 Acres – The western edge of this property fronts a small, seasonal stream. Near the middle of the property is a large bluff with a nice sized cave carved out. The cave has a passageway that allows you to look out of a few “windows” in the bluff. Several waterfalls also drop over the bluff in different areas. There is a driveway and a clearing at the front of the property. From the driveway to the bluff is relatively flat to rolling and mostly cleared with scattered stands of trees.

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Financing Options:

$5000 will be needed up front to purchase the Tinch Ford properties which will lower your interest rate. This tract has a minimum down payment of $4000 required and a closing cost of $1000.

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Down Payment


Monthly Payment

~6% Down




10% Down




15% Down




25% Down




These payments are based on a 30 year loan but we can go shorter to suit the buyer. There are no pre-payment penalties and any extra paid per month goes to principal. Contact us to calculate other terms.

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