Falcon Crest 57 Acres 300 Raven's Ridge Road Gurley, AL 35748

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Falcon Crest 57 Acres 300 Raven's Ridge Road Gurley, AL 35748


Own A 57 Acre Valley Outside of Huntsville, AL | FC-57AC-CP

- Gurley AL

57.14 Acres on Keel Mountain just a 30 minute drive from Huntsville, AL and only 15 minutes from a Lowe’s, shopping, groceries, restaurants… This property consists of almost the entire valley between two bluff walls providing for privacy and seclusion. The terrain is sloping with varying degrees of incline from steep to nearly flat. The property is fully wooded with some ancient trees scattered around. There are MANY surface rocks throughout the property that could be used for building stone walls, fences or even a house. Goose Creek runs through a corner of the property and is a seasonal/wet weather creek bed with interesting rocks like geodes scattered around. When it flows, it should be a sight to see as the water has rolled some massive boulders over time.  There are small caves in the side of the bluff (one is large enough to set up a sleeping bag or two in for some pretty cool camping). Indian artifacts have been known to exist in this area as well as networks of caves. This property has indicators that there could be undiscovered caves underneath depressions in the land but they have not been verified (water flowing into large depressions mainly). This property would make for some awesome exploring/camping not too far from civilization as you plan out your homesite.

Access is by Blowing Cave Road or Black Hawk Road. Blowing Cave Road gives you easier access to a more gentle portion of the property. This access road isn’t used much though and would need some repairs (grading, ditching and gravel) for easier access.

Here is a link to some 360 degree photos taken on the property.

A small portion of this property has some restrictions. Click below to view:

Falcon Crest 57 Acres Restrictions

Click here for a visual showing the restricted areas.

Location And Approximate Property Outline:

Video Showing The Drive From The Access Road:

Proximity Map From The Access Road:

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Google Street View From In Front Of  The Start Of The Access Road (Blowing Cave Road):


Blowing Cave Road – 5 Acre – Survey

Approximate Perimeter Overlays And Angled Views:

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Andy Halavonich
Country Places, Inc. - Land Specialist/Explorer/Photographer
Andy loves being outdoors and exploring new properties. If you see a picture on our sites, there's a 99% chance he took it. No one explores our properties more than him. He is a great source of knowledge when it comes to locating the property with unique features you want on your dream land. In his spare time, Andy is designing and building a custom, self-sufficient RV to enjoy the great outdoors with. Andy's father purchased the land he grew up on in Charleston through a program very similar to Country Places financing program. That land was the best investment his family ever made and it makes Andy a big believer in the Country Places program. "I've learned that nothing is more fun than a job you enjoy."
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