Stanley Creek - 52 Acres Oneida, TN 37892

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Stanley Creek - 52 Acres Oneida, TN 37892


Potential Off Road Park Near Oneida, TN | Stanley Creek

- Oneida TN

52.07 Acres outside of Oneida and Huntsville, TN. This tract would be an amazing property for the side by side enthusiast. The tract has a vast network of old logging roads that could be rehabbed into trails. A series of wet weather waterfalls dissect the property making many of the trails have unique destinations. Signs of deer, hogs and turkey have been spotted all over the tract. The highest and easiest to access part of the property, near the frontage, has a decent amount of level/gentle ground that would make for a homesite with views for miles. This property is extremely remote so power would need to be by solar/generator/hydro. Water could be by well or collection. The access road (see drive video) to the property is fairly rugged and would need some grading/ditching in sections to knock down the ruts for a trailer to make it.

If you love outdoor projects and getting your hands dirty, this property could keep you busy for quite some time. This would be a great family retreat/hunting camp to pass down through many future generations as “sprawl” eats up opportunities like this.

In addition to the trails you could have on the property, there is a large network of “off the beaten path” trails/roads leading to and surrounding the property. Many of the public roads in this area are side by side friendly due to the extreme popularity of trail riding in the area. Many popular parks are also not far away (Brimstone with 300 miles of trails, “WhiteKnuckle Events”, “Nitro circus” , “Paragon” concerts accessible by side by sides/fourwheelers, North Cumberland WMA, Royal Blue, New River and Sundquist…).


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Location And Approximate Property Outline:

The red line shows the access road in to the property.

Video Showing The Drive To The Property:


Stanley Creek Survey High Resolution PDF

Approximate Perimeter Overlays And Angled Views:

This is an older Google Earth image that better shows the location and layout of the old logging roads:

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