Tinch Ford Tract 4 Tinch Ford Rd Allardt, Fentress County TN 38556

Sold $76,500
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Tinch Ford Tract 4 Tinch Ford Rd Allardt, Fentress County TN 38556

Sold $76,500

Waterfront Land In Tennessee | TFD-TR4

Sold - Allardt TN

12.24 Acres – There is a rough driveway onto the front of this tract. The terrain is relatively flat to rolling from the front to the bluff. About midway back on this tract is a large bluff wall with a small waterfall dropping around 30′. The water falls into a small pool and flows down the hillside. As you continue back on the property, you’ll pass some massive boulders before you come to the frontage on the Clear Creek. There is a large bluff wall that you have to get around to get to the river. I found a place I could climb down near the road frontage but it was pretty steep. Some improvements would need to be made to make access to the creek easier.

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$5000 will be needed up front to purchase the Tinch Ford properties which will lower your interest rate. This tract has a minimum down payment of $4000 required and a closing cost of $1000.

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These payments are based on a 30 year loan but we can go shorter to suit the buyer. There are no pre-payment penalties and any extra paid per month goes to principal. Contact us to calculate other terms.

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